Stop Drinking Alcohol: You Will be Rewarded

Benefits of not drinking alcohol

The abuse of alcohol has increased and so has the number of people getting hurt by it. A person who abuses alcohol does not only hurt himself but also the people around him. In recent times, more and more people are making the move towards sobriety.

However, they need to know the incentives of a life without alcohol to be further motivated. Today we are going to discuss the top three incentives of staying sober.

A fit and healthy body

Empty calories are simple sugars that directly get stored by the body as excess fat and alcohol, just like sweet treats and junk food, has a lot of empty calories. It is one thing not to provide any minerals and vitamins to the body, but alcohol absorbs minerals from other sources of the body, depriving you of vitamin C, thiamin, vitamin B12, folic acid, and zinc.

According to Health Essential, Staying fit with alcohol is a dream that can’t come true. Since alcohol not only adds empty calories to your body but also affects your muscles and coordination skills, your body becomes generally lazy, reducing your chances of losing weight through exercise.

Say goodbye to diseases

It comes as no surprise that with alcohol consumption comes a series of diseases. Most of these revolve around cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The International Agency for Research on Cancer is known to have classified alcohol as a carcinogen in Group 1.

Furthermore, alcohol takes a toll on your brain. Excessive and long-term use can cause dementia, disruption in the CNS of your body, and various other brain diseases.

But it is not just about the diseases you will develop; it is also about the ones you might have that are affected by alcohol. For example, wounds take a longer time when under the influence of alcohol. It is also not advised to have alcohol in your system if you are trying to get pregnant.

Better Sex

It is fairly common to have both sex and alcohol in the same basket, but when you talk about the satisfaction level you get from this, you will realize it isn’t that high. Alcohol can enhance your libido but at the same time take away your ability to use it. You might have noticed that men and women lack enjoyment from sexual intercourse when drunk, but that does not happen when they are sober.

Here are the top 3 rewards you will get. Do not abuse alcohol but drink it moderately.