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An Overview about The Anki Overdrive

Every supercar is a self-aware robot, which is driven by artificial intelligence system and designed with the more dangerous strategy of car racing. The Anki overdrive is one of the self-aware supercar, which can easily learn the track where your drive it and they will hunt you down. Keep Reading

The 3 Best Budget Double Din Head Units


Double din head unit is a device which is used to control the stereo volume. This din comes with two types; they are single and then double. In the double head, units occupy more space, but it comes with a lot of additional features. Keep Reading

What Can Stop You From Getting A Passport?


When you are preparing for international travel then you have to apply for a passport well in advance of your departure date. Some of them will find that certain financial situations and legal troubles will prevent them from obtaining a United States passport. Even age will be a problem and minors under 16 years of age will be ineligible to get a passport without parental consent. Applicants have to provide proof of citizenship like a birth certificate in order to obtain a passport. Keep Reading