An Overview about The Anki Overdrive

Every supercar is a self-aware robot, which is driven by artificial intelligence system and designed with the more dangerous strategy of car racing. The Anki overdrive is one of the self-aware supercar, which can easily learn the track where your drive it and they will hunt you down.

If you are a good player with a slot racing cars, then you can get a better play experience. When you battle with either A.I opponent or your friends, you get unlimited options to play with them.

Continuous updates are available with Anki overdrive slot cars, which make them stay at fresh state. You can customize your weapons, swap out your cars and you can build new tracks. It was easy to pick up this car to play and hard to u it down.

Getting started with Anki Overdrive

Open the packing of Anki overdrive kit and set up your battle. The Anki overdrive app will automatically handle everything else, starting from your get connected and teaching you a gameplay, so that you can play immediately without putting more efforts.

Working process of Anki Overdrive

The small pieces of tracks can be connected by the magnets on each end of them. There is a guide for you to align the track pieces quickly. The starter kit of the Anki overdrive has includes 10 parts of tracks with different shapes, which will permit you to build 8 different configurations of tracks.

When the track is created, your car will need to do a few labs to learn about the track. You can also expand the size of the track by combining the two different track parts. The modular tracks are compatible with the Anki overdrive app.

Items come with the packing of Anki Overdrive

The inbox of Anki overdrive includes the following things,

  • 2 robotics cars,
  • The ground shock and the skull,
  • 10 parts of track of which 4 are straight curved,
  • 2 risers,
  • One charger,
  • One tire cleaning kit.

In addition to this expansion kits are also available when you need more things to play, then you can select the expansion pack.

Pros of Anki Overdrive slot car racing

  • Anki overdrive slot cars are operated with a remote control system, which works on the track that keeps the car on the track by mean of using infrared camera sensor scanning system.
  • The cars in this gaming kit can be controlled by using the Bluetooth on the smartphones or Wi-Fi networks.
  • The racing experience is enhanced by the lights on the vehicles and virtualized weapons, sometimes knocking out opponents, sometimes draining their power.
  • This gaming kit comes with a charger option, which will last for a long time even when you play continuously.

Cons of the Anki Overdrive slot car racing

If one part of the track is missed by at any situation then the whole system will not be used. Then it will be considered as a waste of money.

This slot car set is awesome, but you need a big budget to take it home. If you have a small budget but still want one set, check out Best Slot Car Racing Sets – for suggestions.

The Anki Overdrive in Action